Showcasing Top 3 Award-Winning Website Designs

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Every year, the design team at Nice Branding Agency submits stunning website designs to the Web Excellence Awards in hopes of recognizing our hard-working and creative team! Our dedication to crafting unique, visually appealing, and user-friendly websites has consistently earned us the acknowledgement and admiration of our peers in the industry.

In this blog, we're excited to showcase three of our award-winning website designs that not only met but exceeded our clients' expectations and industry standards.


Trudy's Home Page - Nashville Web Design

Trudy's, a beloved neighborhood Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, Texas, is known for its history of family, made-from-scratch recipes, and signature drinks. In redesigning the Trudy’s website, we aimed to craft a brand experience that felt both intentional and deeply rooted in its local heritage.

The result is a modern, colorful, and clean website that respects the restaurant's limited color palette and western font characteristic of the Tex-Mex style, while introducing a fresh, modern twist. The design features overlapping elements and logos that bleed into various sections, creating a layered, hand-placed feel that invites visitors to explore and engage with the content.

This approach not only pays homage to Trudy’s storied past but also positions the brand as vibrant and forward-thinking!


Nashville Web Design for Bespoke

For Bespoke, we developed a website that features a range of custom elements, such as a slider for The Bespoke Collective, which highlights their premium treatment plans.

Designed with future growth in mind, the website allows for the natural expansion of content and services as the business evolves. Our design concept focused on muted palettes with inviting colors like pink, green, copper, and gray, aiming to appeal to their primary demographic of women aged 20-56 who favor brands that are both modern and trendy.

The Bespoke website stands as a testament to our ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, creating an inviting online space that resonates with its target audience.

Core Wealth Advisors

Core Wealth Advisors - Nashville Web Design

Our goal for the CORE Wealth Advisors website was to encapsulate a high-end, minimalistic style that mirrors the identity of the brand. By employing classically elegant serif fonts alongside simple, supporting sans-serif fonts, we aimed to present a sophisticated and modern brand style.

The use of negative space and motion graphics throughout the site enhances the storytelling of the brand, drawing users into the CORE experience. Scroll animations for images, headlines, and graphic elements introduce an engaging layer for the user, allowing the visuals to stand out against the clean design backdrop.

Slow, sleek transitions further underscore the high-class essence of the CORE business, making every visit to the website a memorable experience.

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