A Nice Branding Agency Year By The Numbers | 2017

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Whew! This year has been one for the books for our branding agency. The Nice girls put in some long hours at our computers and around the conference table, sipped countless cups of coffee over strategy sessions, and had an absolute blast branding and marketing clients that we believe in.
Branding Agency21 Websites Launched.
More than a 3-2-1 blastoff. There’s lots of strategy, planning, designing and developing going on here.
3,696 Coffees Sipped. One Keyboard Damaged.
Always. Put. A. Lid. On. It.
94 Dance Party Breaks.
Which is 94 more dance party breaks than we had before J-Money joined the team.
105 Logos Created.
21 clients got five options each, and each walked away with one logo they loved.
An Infinite Number of Mouse Clicks.
There's no easy button in the design programs, people!
52 Blogs Deployed. Yep, That's One a Week.
You can count on seeing us pop up in your inbox once a week!
16 Bottles of Champagne Popped.
Because when you’re launching websites, creating logos and publishing blogs left and right, you’ve got to celebrate a little, right?!
25 Trips to Five Guys for Burgers and Fries.
Nice Girls > Hangry Girls. Enough said.
11,346 Hours Clocked by Nice Girls.
Not counting the lightbulb moments that happen while we’re technically “off the clock.”
233,922 Emails Received.
Emails, emails and more emails. A full inbox is a way of life around here.
1 New Office Location.
Goodbye, historic and creaky — And hello, shiny and new!
18 Flights Flown.
BNA - TPA - YUL - ORD - LGA - MCO. All the codes. Some more than others.
21 New Clients Added to Our Existing Nice Humans.
Our tried and true, longstanding clients have our heart, but we love making new friends, too!
1,664 Social Posts.
Two words for you. Content. Calendars. The only way we keep all the social straight.
1,727 Projects Completed.
That’s almost 150 projects a month! Each and every project we've worked on at Nice Branding Agency holds a special place in our hearts, and we're super proud of what our clients have been able to accomplish this year, with just a little help from our team. This year, our branding agency has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of the knowledge we've acquired, the experiences we've been fortunate enough to have, and the team we've been able to hand-pick. We're honored to have been able to work with both multi-unit franchise operators and new businesses who are just starting out. We've had a great year, and we hope you have, too! If you'd like to work with Nice Branding Agency in the new year, reach out to us — we promise, we'll reach back. 615-905-9936 / holla@brandnicely.com