How Branded Promotional Products Help Your Brand

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Promotional branding is an essential part of any business's marketing plan. Using branded promotional items to increase awareness of your brand is one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of creating a successful business. Not only does promotional branding increase brand recognition, it also builds interest, loyalty, and trust. Let’s discuss how promotional branding can help your business grow and how you can use branded promotional items to boost your business branding.

What are Branded Promotional Items?

Promotional items are physical products that can be used to advertise and promote a company, product, or service. They are often distributed to potential customers, clients, or employees at events, conferences, trade shows, or during other marketing efforts. Common promotional items include branded apparel, mugs, pens, bags, lanyards, and office supplies. These items are typically imprinted with a logo, slogan, or other branding element that helps reinforce the message being conveyed.

Benefits of Branded Promotional Items

Promoting brand awareness and a positive brand association are both vital components of successful marketing strategy. This is why handing out branded merchandise like hats or jackets is an easy, affordable way to achieve these goals. Here are some specific benefits you should know about:

Increased Loyalty: According to a survey conducted by the British Promotional Association, 70% of customers are willing to buy a product if they get a free gift. If you don't already, you should start taking advantage of these statistics. Providing your customers with free branded merchandise is a sure-fire way to make them feel appreciated and valued, which is highly likely to earn you many more loyal customers.

Generates Leads: The majority of lead generation strategies fail because they fail to produce satisfactory results, yet promotional items offer you a great chance to generate quality leads. Customers do not care about the size of the product as long as it adds value to their daily lives by having a unique logo on a mug, t-shirt, or writing material.

Competitive Advantage: The way promotional items help promote your brand and differentiate from the competition is their uniqueness. This can result in people appreciating promotional items and developing an emotional attachment with your company because you’ve given them a gift by giving them something different. Due to this reason, you'll have a better chance of success when it comes to customer service because you have an already established bond with them.

Long-Term Brand Exposure: With branded promotional items, it’s likely that your brand will reach people its never reached before. Whether that be seeing someone else wear a shirt with your logo on it or trying one of your products when they’re out shopping, this helps create a possible brand image. This also increases your brand recognition and brand loyalty, no matter what product they’re seeing.

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