The Fundamentals of Your Brand

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

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Nice Branding owner, Amy Dennis, had the privilege of speaking at the St. Petersburg Chamber Event on Monday, November 4th to inspire women business owners to create and develop better branding for their companies. Here's some insight as to what Amy spoke about regarding the fundamentals of your brand: There's so many pieces that go into having a strong brand that it's hard to summarize in a few words. We've narrowed it down to two pieces that are foundational and extremely important.

Your Brand Personality.

Just as every single person you know has a personality, ever single brand has a personality. You, as well as your employees, should eat, sleep, and breathe this personality. It should be extremely clear to anyone your company comes into contact with your company what that personality is. It should come across in what you wear, how you speak, how your emails are typed, your sales pieces, your marketing materials, your website, etc. Every single thing that you have or do should have a purpose that relates back to your brand personality. Not that we don't think you should hire a professional for all of your branding and marketing needs, but if you spend money on one piece, this is what it should be. We think you should also spend money on your logo. These two pieces are no different than spending money on clothes and a therapist. Personally, you have no problem spending money on clothes so that your appearance looks great, so spending money on the appearance of your business should really be no different. You need someone who is going to listen, then ask, then listen, the ask, the brainstorm, create and define. At Nice Branding, we ask, until we are sure we have asked it all. We ask you, your employees, your partners, and your clients. Then we listen… very carefully and as we listen, we digest. The last step is to develop and define.

Your Brand Statement.

Once you have defined who you are and embraced that… the next step is to develop your Brand Statement. This is one or two sentences that describes the mission and purpose of your brand. Ours is We Build Brands that Can't Be Ignored. Period. If you want a brand that isn't going to be swept over, passed by, or forgotten, then the company that should build your brand is Nice Branding Agency. Why? Because We Build Brands that Cannot Be Ignored. If you want the list of our services, you can find those on our website.  You need to know how we do branding better than our competition. Are they building brands that cannot be ignored? It's possible, but they aren't telling you that right off the bat. Remember that this statement must relate back to the personality and purpose of your brand. It has to be concise yet all encompassing. It needs to hit on what your business can do. This is your "new" elevator speech. So after reading this, consider those two points. Does your brand have a personality? If it does have a personality, have you fully embraced that as a business? And two, what are you about in one or two sentences?