The Difference That Professional Food Photography Makes

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

It's a known fact that food photography can make people hungry just from looking at it. (Head to Google and search ghrelin to understand why). Take a look below and it'll all start to make more sense.

Professional Food Photography

Are you drooling yet? Keep looking and you'll start. Warm, steamed jasmine rice, rich tikka masala, and fluffy naan bread sprinkled with spices and herbs. We're hungry already, and we're just starting this blog! This photo offers an experience from the ingredients, props, angle, and lighting. These elements when placed properly offer up a story for the dish and make it look appetizing. 

Now that you've seen the first photo, compare your response from the professional food photography to these photos: 

Restaurant Marketing

A bit different, right? The plain white backdrop is boring and the colorful plate is more attention-grabbing than the food itself. Since we're being nitpicky, we'll also mention that the plate on the left looks a tad dry and the plate on the right isn't cohesive at all (spoiler alert: this photo isn't a real dish, thank goodness!)

It may be hard to believe but these images all come from the same place, our client, Masala Wok. The second set of photos was their starting place, and fortunately, they knew that they weren't working for them. 

How Professional Food Photography Increases Sales

When Masala Wok reached out to us about restaurant branding, one of the first services we navigated them to was professional food photography. We were very aware of the impact that professional photos would have on their brand overall and how much value these photos would add to their marketing collateral.

indian restaurant photography

Showcasing your main dishes in the best light (yes, we mean literally) is an important investment for a restaurant that you will not regret. 

These images can be used for digital and print purposes continuously, which boosts the return on investment making professional food photography a no-brainer for your marketing. Start imagining all of the places you can showcase these great photos like your menu, in ads, your restaurant interior, on socials, and your overall marketing. The options are endless!

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