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Apps are our little sidekicks that speed up tasks, keep us organized and make random little things more fun. We each picked out our favorite one that helps make the #agencylife grind a little easier every day. Read on for a curated list of our favorite apps in the store.

Our Favorite Apps | J’Lyn | Libby

When I get off work every day, I head straight to my couch to delve into a book to forget all of my life worries. Some love the smell of a good, ol' fashioned library book, but I love the convenience of reading books on my phone. (This may be the reason, I'm having to "up" my eyeglasses prescription every year!) One of my friends recently introduced to me an app called Libby that allows you to check out library books — straight from your phone. Prior to knowing about this hidden gem of an app, I was purchasing books via the Apple book store. Such an old lady over here. But now, gone are the days of purchasing books — I can read them and rent out all the books I want — fo' free! Get your library card and read up!

Our Favorite Apps | Judith | Waze

Hands down, one of my favorite apps is Waze. I would legit be lost without it. Waze has free driving directions, live traffic reports, and GPS navigation. As you drive, it alerts you about car accidents, road conditions, hazards, and police on your route. It really helps you get the best route. Waze saves me so much time on my commute and I’m thankful for it every day.

Our Favorite Apps | Sonya | Instagram

My go-to app/addiction has been Instagram for a good while now. But not for the reason some people may think! Although I love my friends, the main reason I love Instagram is that it is a visual library to all the things I love. I love food photography, and cooking in general, so Instagram gives me access to both of these things through all the food blog accounts. Similarly, restaurant accounts keep me updated on the restaurant environmental design trends. Fitness accounts give me tons of great workout routines for free. And, last but not least, all the memes. I mean, who can live without those?

Our Favorite Apps | Heather | Tone It Up

One of my favorite apps is Tone It Up, which has both on-demand and live workouts so I can take classes wherever. It has kickboxing, yoga, weight training, cardio, and barre workouts that are really motivating in a bunch of different lengths, so that no matter how much time I have, I can get a workout in. I’ve been using the Tone It Up workouts on YouTube since high school, but the app has given me access to a schedule of live workouts that feel like a “real” class from home. Especially in the winter, it’s been so nice to roll out of bed and take a studio class from my yoga mat.

Our Favorite Apps | Nichole | Think Dirty

Right now, my favorite app is Think Dirty. Think Dirty is an independent app that gives you simple “ratings” of household products like makeup and personal care products so you can keep track of dirty ingredients and shop for cleaner options. I am constantly working to improve the products I use in my home and on my body, so this app has been a useful tool in finding healthy products with good ingredients that work for me. I love that I can use the app when I'm shopping for new things to try. Think Dirty lets you scan a product's barcode and shows you an instant rating on a product’s ingredients before you buy.

Our Favorite Apps| Amy | Sweat + Peloton

I obviously love Instagram, and I'm still an advocate for Pinterest. Creative inspiration flows from each of these and they keep me up-to-snuff on the latest branding trends. However, I'd have to say that for about the last year, I've been loving the Sweat App as well as the Peloton app. As a creative agency owner, it's hard for me to shield my brain from the constant thoughts that are always incoming, but these two of my favorite apps allow me to focus on releasing stress through exercise. Through their guided workouts, whether they be weight training, cardio, yoga, or spinning, I'm able to improve my health and re-energize my body to keep up with the fast-paced life of my agency.  

Our Favorite Apps | Sam | Mint

One of my favorite apps is Mint.com. Mint.com is a free personal finance app that allows me to keep track of all the comings and goings of my finances. Within the single interface, I can review cash flow by month, spending by category, spending over time, and my credit score. I can also categorize transactions and set budgets so that I know how much I'm spending within each category. I can set up alerts to let me know when I'm approaching the red zone and need to back off the spending for a bit. Having control of my finances is so freeing. It can be a little bit scary getting everything in one place and then seeing exactly what you have going on. But once you have your earning + spending sorted out, you're so much better equipped to make decisions. As Mint.com says, "When you’re on top of your money, life is good." At Nice Branding Agency, we spend pretty much all of our time designing things that look amazing and function just as well, so we can appreciate a well-made app when we find one. Our phones are a great asset to both our work lives and our “me” time — there truly is an app for everything. Speaking of which, since we know your phone is handy, follow us on social for more tech tips, updates and inspiration from the girls at Nice Branding Agency.