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At Nice Branding Agency, we get together monthly to discuss the latest trends. This is more than just a coffee break slash gossip session. This trend monthly chat ensures that we stay on the tippity top of the current trends that may be of benefit to our clients’ overall marketing and branding efforts. We address emerging advancements in social media, tech, the latest pop culture, fashion, food, business, and much more. We have a diverse team of creatives, and our different perspectives and passions shed light on an array of topics. Some of the trends translate into immediate strategies for our clients, while others are stashed in our toolbox for upcoming campaigns. We thought you might benefit from skimming the trends from this week. So, without further ado, get trendy!

Trend 1: Google Phone (Pixel) and Wifi

Step aside Apple! Google has finally released its first phone, allegedly surpassing the iPhone in many different tech standards. While body and size are similar to the iPhone, there are some major perks. First, the Google Assistant is built in, which means you get to talk to Google Lady on the daily. The phone’s camera is said to be the best EVER, and allows unlimited photo and video storage. Say goodbye to those pesky “storage is full” notifications! Also, any photo(s) can be pulled up with a simple voice request — if you want to see those Tahoe trip pictures, just tell Google! This is arguably the best part: the battery charges seven hours in seven minutes — seriously! We may want to start rethinking who is ruling the smartphone industry. Google is also about to release its first WiFi router. This new network supposedly gives the best coverage over your entire home, no matter its shape or size. It also can be controlled from a handy-dandy app for ease of sharing and connectivity.

Trend 2: Facebook - Public Chat Rooms

Calling the feature “Rooms,” Facebook is attempting to solve the 30+ comment political discussion problem that seems to be on everyone’s nerves, particularly after this past election. With this addition to Facebook Messenger, public chat rooms will be made available for those wanting to discuss politics, popular interests and topics, world news, and more. Will it really solve the problem of over-indulgence in online arguments? We will see… but we think mom jeans and chat rooms might need to stay in the ’90s.

Trend 3: Twitter Mute Tool

Similar to the desire to remove heavy discussions on Facebook posts, Twitter has also created a tool to avoid unwanted discussions. The new mute tool allows users to virtually “mute” threads and conversations, thereby halting notifications without removing the threads from their timelines or blocking other users.

Trend 4: Instagram - Disappearing Photos, Live Video, and Story Updates

They have done it again! Instagram attempted its second major “copycat” move and created disappearing photos, which is VERY similar to Snapchat’s main function.


However, one big difference is that you can set up groups in order to send the photos to more than one person at a time, without having to press EVERY SINGLE name you want to send it to. In addition, the Facebook-owned company will also be rolling out live-streaming capabilities, more or less exactly the same as Facebook Live. You will be able to live stream for up to an hour at a time. Finally, Instagram has made some updates to its Story functions. You can now incorporate links into your story, rather than having to post the annoying little “see link in bio” comment. This function will be great for professionals and companies wanting to push traffic toward their website, etc. Additionally, when using the “@” symbol in your story text, it will tag the mentioned user and initiate a direct message chat between the two that will also expire when the story does.

Trend 5: Mannequin Challenge

A fun, quirky little social trend that you might have seen is called the #mannequinchallenge. This purposeless activity involves the freezing of everyone in shot while the video is rolling, to give the effect of mannequins. It was started by a random group of teenagers (probably with nothing better to do) and became a social media sensation within days. The challenge has been accepted by pop stars, celebrities, businesses, companies, movie sets, and even dogs. Yes, dogs. End result is quite hilarious and impressive, and we might just enjoy watching these a little too much.

Trend 6: Nintendo Theme Park

It has been confirmed that Mario is coming to life. Well, not really — but Nintendo has confirmed its partnership with Universal Parks and Resorts to create a Nintendo theme park. So basically, yes, you will soon be able to shake Mario’s hand. We will be asking for park tickets from Santa — we’ve been Nice!

Trend 7: Coffee in a Cone

Um, yes please! Make it a double shot. This latest food trend has been taking Instagram by storm with the hashtag #CoffeeInACone. However, so far the storm seems to be contained to South Africa where the trend first began. The coffee is literally served inside a typical chocolate-covered ice cream cone. Many sources are predicting its move to the USA very quickly. Faster, please!

Trend 8: The Stone and Cranberry Look

Check your winter wardrobe. The new colors for this winter have been decided, so they say. Stone and cranberry will reign. No, not grey and maroon — let’s be politically correct here! We hope this enlightened you all and gave you some nice things to think about. Happy Trending!