Five Work Perks for Nice Branding Experts

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Being one of the branding experts at an agency isn’t for the faint of heart. Days can be long and filled with juggling multiple projects and clients simultaneously. But boy, it sure is rewarding when you knock a campaign out of the park and get happy emails from happy clients.

Our CEO and creative director, Amy Dennis, sees hard work and rewards it, too. She didn’t name it Nice Branding Agency for fun — She wants to truly provide nice work for our client and also provides nice work perks for our team of creatives.

When you’re a branding expert at Nice Branding agency, there are truly so many perks about working here, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites here!

#1 Unlimited Snacks

Mimosa Mondays. Nespresso lattes. String Cheese. Dark Chocolate.

Is your mouth watering yet? These are just a few of the many items available to the branding experts at Nice Branding Agency. 

Days are long, but don’t you fret, they are filled with lots of goodness, including unlimited snacks, handpicked by our CSO (Chief Snack Officer), Andy Dennis. We’ll plead the fifth on exactly how many times we all visit our snack closet every day.

#2 Summer Daze

We see you taking your employees to an after-work happy hour and raise you with a Summer Fun Day.

Every summer, our branding experts load up and hit the road to celebrate the warm weather outside. Last year, we set out for Center Hill Lake to hit the waves. From water skiing to tubing to laying out to soak up the sun, the team loved having a day to rest and relax. This year, we struck up a little bit of friendly competition at Top Golf. We had such a nice time together and loved taking a little time off.

BRB counting down the days until next summer.

#3 Communicate + Celebrate

We’re biased, but there is no hard-working, passionate team more than the branding experts at our marketing agency. That’s why we continually track results + wins for our agency, and celebrate them with our team every quarter.

On the last Friday of every quarter, our team leaves the office at noon, so we can go out to lunch together and review all of our recent accomplishments. We know the importance of praising good work and enjoying wins surrounded by our team, so we reserve a Communicate + Celebrate lunch with our entire crew on a quarterly basis.

Go, team, go!

And did we mention that when lunch is over, our entire team is off for the rest of the day? Yep, another awesome work perk!

#4 Here Comes Santa Claus

Christmas — It’s the most wonderful time of the year for more reasons than one.

The Nice girls get the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve off. It gives us an opportunity to refuel, reset and prepare for another kick-@$$ year to come. 

Not to mention, we get to have a merry, little party together in downtown Nashville that usually ends with a few stops down Broadway for some jolly festivities together. ‘Tis the nicest season!

#5 All the Nice People

Not all companies are created the same. At Nice Branding Agency, the people who work mirror one of our company’s top attributes, that we’re are, well, really nice.

Every day isn’t perfect, but at the end of each day, we know that our agency is filled to the brim with lovely people who reflect our mission to not only be nice humans, but also to produce extra nice work for all of our clients.

Interested in being a part of the Nice gang? Watch our social for job openings, and send in your resume to if you just wanna say, “Hey. Remember me when a job becomes open.”

Team Nice or bust!