The Benefits of Blogging for SEO & Marketing

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

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The benefits of blogging for your business aren’t endless, but there are quite a few. In our opinion, the top two impact SEO  (search engine optimization or where your business ranks on google) and positioning. Don’t worry, we will explain.

Benefits of Blogging: Improves Your SEO

One of the most important reasons to blog is that it aids in how and where you rank in the search engine results, thus driving traffic (or potential clients) to your website. Fresh content, updated content, or new content on your site, is a big plus for SEO. To keep your site user-friendly, a blog is a good place to add this fresh content. Keep in mind the content that you post can’t be irrelevant to your business or stuffed with keywords, or it won’t do the trick. Google knows e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! There’s definitely an art to creating content  that’s for people, but optimized for Google. If you do plan to add blogging to your overall marketing strategy , developing a content marketing plan wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Or, if you’re stretched for time and want to leave it to the experts, give the girls at Nice Branding Nashville  a call. We do blogging daily. Extra Benefit: A blog post can double as a social media post — the content is already there; you just gotta give it legs to get around.

Benefits of Blogging: Establish a Level of Expertise

OK, so just to get it out there, your blogs have to be “good” for the previous benefit to work; however, for this benefit of blogging to be relevant, your blogs need to be “freakin’ awesome.” Ultimately, the regular posting of blogs that are of value to your clients, or potential clients, will ultimately allow your business to be viewed as a knowledgeable expert or leader in your industry. Competition — BEAT. Additionally, the regular publishing of valuable content builds trust and loyalty with your current clients. They see you over there going the extra mile to provide them with tools they need, even when they aren’t paying you to do so. You’re building loyalty. Write a useful blog post and they’ll probably tell a friend about it. Referral — CHECK. Here are a few other things to take note of regarding the benefits of blogging.

Blogs Never Go Away

It may seem like you are only seeing the results of your blog for a few days post-posting — ha. That is not the case. The posted blog is now an extension of your website, a new page to be searched, any time of day, at any point in the future. You’ll see results and benefits coming from that blog for weeks, months, and maybe even years! What goes on the internet, stays on the internet, right? Yeah, even that.

Blogging is a Low-Cost Marketing Initiative

In comparison to many other marketing and advertising outlets, blogging is a fairly cheap thrill. Sure, you’ll need to either pay or put in time to develop a content strategy, so you know what you are going to blog about and how often your blogs will need to be posted. You’ll need to either develop stellar content or pay someone to do so. You’ll need to optimize and publish your posts … and hopefully share in a few spots. But, overall, these things don’t add up to much in the cost or effort department. Therefore, blogging is a fairly low-cost marketing initiative and one your business should be utilizing. Nice Branding Agency’s monthly blogging packages start as low as $350 per month. That’s a drop in the hat, considering the benefits of blogging. We know that blogging may seem hoaxy, but we’ve seen real results with a consistent, well-planned, keyword-focused, content marketing strategy. Hey, you see us blogging away, right?! The benefits of blogging far outweigh the so-called “costs.” Wanna get started? Call 863-688-3434 or email us now. Our clients have climbed the ranks on Google as a result our ongoing blogging services.