Adapting Facebook Marketing to Algorithm Changes

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Just when you feel like you’ve really nailed your Facebook marketing, there is yet another major update. It can get stressful when you need to stay on top of it, but it’s kind of a fun game that, for the most part, has an end goal of increasing engagement and interactions on Facebook. As tricky as that can be for marketing from branded accounts, it’s a big win for brands who are authentic and putting out solid content the way they should be. Don’t stress about keeping up, though. If you’re a little behind, we’re here to get you up to speed on the latest algorithm updates that will have direct effect on business owners and page admins. Hopefully, this will help you hone in on your next steps to improving your Facebook strategy and boost your brand. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s latest announcement, Facebook will focus more on providing its users with the most relevant content that will encourage more “meaningful social interactions.” This means more personal content and fewer public content, including news articles and ads. Some social media marketers feel that organic posts are doomed to fail, but we believe there is a way to make this new algorithm work for your brand. So, which metrics does Facebook prioritize?
  • Posts from friends, family, and groups
  • Content that encourages meaningful interactions between people
  • Messages that promote well-being

What Counts as Meaningful Interaction?

The new algorithm is encouraging commenting and sharing over likes and click-throughs. The idea behind this is that these actions require more effort and are viewed as higher quality (aka, more meaningful). Facebook doesn't want users to passively scroll through their feeds. Instead, Facebook wants to see them strike up a conversation on a post. So, you’re probably wondering about how to implement this into your Facebook marketing. Try these tactics to get more visibility and engagement on your posts:

Facebook Marketing Tips | Focus on Video

Videos, especially live videos, are still favored in the new algorithm. Live videos often lead to discussions among viewers and have been known to get up to six times the engagement of conventional videos. Live videos encourage your viewers to interact when you ask questions, so this provides a huge boost. If you haven’t gone live yet, now is the time!

Facebook Marketing Tips | Don’t Fish For Comments

Engagement bait is so passé. Do you ever see posts that say “comment on this if you love Taylor Swift,” or something of the like? Facebook says this is a big no-no. These posts will actually be demoted in the newsfeed, so stick to facilitating natural conversation and try not to force it.

Facebook Marketing Tips | Join and Engage in a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are all about conversation. By joining a group and engaging with people who are already interested in your product or are in your target market, you can form meaningful relationships and boost your content in the newsfeed.

Facebook Marketing Tips | Make Meaningful Content

This sounds way easier said than done. Instead of posting about your new product and its features, try posting a tutorial, teaming up with an influencer, or concentrating on localized content. Content that is worth sharing needs to be worth something: share information and tips to position yourself as an expert in your field. Share inspiration to motivate your followers to engage with your brand and what you can do for them. Always keep in mind that you want your content to add some sort of value for your readers. If you want to learn more about the impact that this algorithm change can have on your business, contact the social media mavens at Nice Branding Agency. We’re queens at keeping customers happy on social media and alerting our clients when we start to see patterns that could impact their brand!