Developing Your Company’s Social Media Strategy – 5 Out of 10 Questions to Ask

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Social media experts agree that effective and engaging social media is developed with a solid plan in place and clear goals in mind. In layman's terms, you've gotta' plan in order to make it happen smoothly and consistently! If you fail to plan, potential customers will notice your lack of consistency and become unengaged and unaware. In order to attract, engage, and produce loyal customers, you need to establish your objectives and develop an in-depth social media strategy. Put it down on a monthly calendar ahead of time and, as business gets in the way, you'll simply need someone to carry out the plan. Here are some questions and tools to help you create a solid social media strategy for your brand!

1. What does your company want to achieve with social media?

This all depends on your industry. For some, social media is a tool to gain exposure for their products or services. For others, it's a way to interact with their customers on a day-to-day basis. Ask yourself how you can use social media to solve some of the challenges your customers may face. What is your point for spending time on social media?

2. Who should create and maintain your company's social media accounts?

There should be one person who is solely responsible for carrying out the post, interacting on the page, and monitoring the accounts. This person should be organized, creative, marketing savvy, and up-to-date with the latest trends in social media. Although we suggest one person to be your social media manager, input and interaction is encouraged for all employees.  The more interaction that your employees have on the page, the more people who will come in contact with your page.

3. Should my company have a presence on all of the popular social media networks?

Many companies decide to jump on board the social media train and sign up for every social media network available. If your company is not equipped to update all of these networks on a regular basis, customers will notice that some networks are lacking. Instead, decide which networks are imperative and effective for your industry and focus on these. If you have the budget and personnel to manage all of the social media networks, try experimenting to see which ones work best for your company. Not all outlets are necessary or profitable for all industries.

4. What are the best social networks for small businesses?

Facebook almost goes without saying. Also, Twitter is a great way to update and engage with customers. It's also imperative to be on Google+ since it boosts your website's SEO (search engine optimization). Another great social network for small businesses is LinkedIn, since it helps you reach other people in your industry. Pinterest and Instagram can also great tools; however, they are not for every industry, and must be used properly.

5. How often should I post on my social networks?

Some say multiple times per day since your followers visit your social media websites at different times of the day. Others say it's good to at least post 3-4 times per week. It varies from company to company and industry to industry. The most important piece here is to make certain that you have consistency. When scheduling your posts, make sure you stagger them at different times of the day to reach every audience. Stay tuned for the next five questions to ask when developing your company's social media strategy and if you haven't gotten started on your social media presence, here's a link to Facebook for Business. It's a great place to start!