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Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or giving your existing eatery a makeover, we respectfully request that you focus on the food and overall operations, while leaving the restaurant branding, design, interior design, and environmental branding up to us. As the top restaurant branding company, we work with multi-unit franchises and Mom & Pop places to create bold, memorable restaurant brands that connect with customers at every touchpoint. Explore our restaurant branding services below and review our restaurant branding packages for our specific offerings. Let us know if we are the restaurant branding agency for you.

Bag Lady's Fry Joint Restaurant Branding Company
Bag Lady's Fry Joint Restaurant Branding Company


A brand cannot be built, but instead a brand consists of the perception that people form about your restaurant based on all that they have experienced related to your eatery. In order to ensure that you are creating a consistent experience, and one that aligns with who you are as a company, it’s imperative that all elements pass through the same filter before being released for consumption and classification. All brand materials must be framed through the lens of your restaurant’s positioning statement, attributes, and visual brand direction. We will craft a positioning statement that represents the core values of your restaurant and your place in the market, as well as a persuasive paragraph that further conveys your position and offerings. Additionally, we will identify and define key attributes for your restaurant and solidify a brand direction that will bring cohesion to your visual efforts.


In creating the visual direction for a restaurant branding project, we start by grabbing the ideas out of your head and slapping them onto the chopping block. For existing brands, we keep the ingredients that work and complement them with a plethora of new ideas to transform your restaurant concept to reality. And for new brands, we start from scratch. Our team will curate various patterns, photos, colors, and fonts to create a distinct visual direction. This visual roadmap will serve as a starting point for developing your brand image and personality, and will act as a guideline for the creation of future brand assets. Practically speaking, we will create multiple options for the visual direction of your brand. You will select one of the options, and all branding work will follow the lead of that direction.


The objective of the naming process is to establish a memorable and meaningful name that will have a positive impact for your restaurant. Your name needs to stand out among competitors and appropriately address your network’s target audience, brand message, and vision. Using our expert experience and various naming principles, our team will develop a plethora of restaurant name options, and then internally pair them down to the top three. We will pair them with available domains and present them to you with background information on why they were chosen and their meaning.


A well-designed restaurant logo depicts a professional, established, and attractive restaurant. Your restaurant logo conveys a message to customers that speaks volumes about the quality of your food and the level of your customer service. Our team of restaurant branding experts is equipped with restaurant industry insights and the design skill necessary to provide you with a creative mark, meant to be the true representation of your restaurant’s vision. Paired with a color palette and tailored typographic design, your restaurant logo will become representative of your restaurant within your market. Our unique logo design process provides multiple logo formats, including a logo guidelines sheet that gives you the details on font and color usage.


The best restaurant menu should convey your restaurant’s personality, be designed with intentional hierarchy, and clearly display your restaurant’s offerings. There’s a psychology to restaurant menu design that dictates color, font size, placement, and pricing, and it’s one our team studies daily. A well-designed restaurant menu will not only appeal aesthetically to your customers, but it might actually drive your average ticket up. Don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink at your menu, leave the menu design to the restaurant branding experts at Nice Branding Agency! As the top restaurant branding company, our team will design a handheld restaurant menu that coveys the brand and menu items in an appetizing manner.


We will bring your restaurant brand to life throughout the interior and exterior of your restaurant, reaching your customer at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. This is achieved by implementing eye-catching interior branding, clear and creative options for wayfinding, effective counter communication, interior and exterior signage, and on-brand selections for your restaurant’s interior design. We will address every customer touchpoint along the way, so that the customers’ journey becomes an experience that imprints your brand in their minds. During the process, we will advise you on such details as tile selection, wall color and texture, flooring, furniture and fixtures, lighting, and other details that will ultimately bring your restaurant brand to life within your physical space.


Professional business stationery will equip your team to communicate effectively, while conveying the restaurant brand to those they interact with on behalf of your restaurant. As the top restaurant branding company, we will create a stationery package to include a restaurant business card design, accompanying letterhead, digital letterhead, envelope, and messaging card. Our team will handle the design, typesetting, and printer coordination.


An aesthetically pleasing restaurant website provides you with an online platform to effectively communicate the brand, highlight messaging and menu items, and compel users to take action. Our process for restaurant website design is based on a strategy that puts the user first and works to be a resource to the consumer. Website copy will be developed to support your restaurant brand and urge viewers to connect with the brand and take action. We utilize the WordPress platform for website development, which allows our clients the ability to update key website content, including the restaurant’s menu items, from a browser window.


Professional, mouth-watering food photography will take your restaurant branding and marketing from average to awesome. Well-done food photography can help increase overall sales, bring in new customers, and expand the reach of your brand image. It’s imperative that your food photography be styled in a manner that enhances the food and aligns with your overall brand direction. Food photography has the ability to appeal to the consumers’ emotions, making them stop, look, and want to taste. Our restaurant branding team will take care of it all: props, food styling, food photography, and editing, delivering you a slew of irresistible images for multiple uses.


Good graphic design isn’t always easy to find. Our team of graphic designers can take a project from a mere inkling of an idea and turn it into a full-fledged extension of your restaurant brand, with a clear call to action and an aesthetic that’s impossible to ignore. Put our skills to work for your restaurant through restaurant menu design, promotional signage, restaurant flyers, and any other pieces you need to put in front of your guests. Good graphic design for your restaurant DOES matter!


A successful restaurant marketing strategy will drive sales and build awareness in a way that’s seemingly effortless. We will develop an overarching strategy that combines all marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. We will analyze market research, identify opportunities, and craft a plan that shines a spotlight on your restaurant, making it irresistible to potential customers.


Increasingly, customers are researching restaurants on social media before making a reservation or dining decision. They are craving enticing images of delicious dishes, scoping out the scene to determine the dress code, and scrolling through content to create an opinion about your restaurant — all before even picking up a fork. Using your restaurant’s social media platforms to extend the reach of your brand is necessary, and not always super simple. Posting regularly is tough enough, but publishing posts that are on-brand and engaging is a feat for any restaurant owner. Under our Social Pack package, we will develop and curate content that is relevant to your target market and representative of your restaurant brand. We’ll provide you with social media graphics and captions, along with relevant hashtags.


In addition to designing and captioning social media graphics for restaurants, our team of strategists will schedule, monitor, and manage your restaurant’s social media accounts to ensure proper performance and responsiveness to incoming comments and messages. As the top restaurant branding company, our goal is to grow awareness of your restaurant brand, and maintain your visual direction and voice on social media platforms. Monthly reports and quarterly performance reviews will provide you with important information about your restaurant’s impact on social media. Pop over and explore our specific social media packages.


Employee apparel is an often-overlooked opportunity to expand the reach of your brand personality. Well-designed apparel has the ability to transform your team into an extension of your restaurant brand, maintaining the clean look and feel of a uniform, without the monotony. Keeping staff apparel in line with your brand image makes a huge impact on the customer’s perception of your brand, and we can outfit your team from head to toe.


These days, many restaurants are selling more than just great food. We know it all starts and ends in the kitchen, but once a restaurant brand has converted diners to raving fans, it’s time to send those fans out into the world wearing your logo and sporting your restaurant brand. Creating branded merchandise is so much more than sticking your logo on a hat or shirt or apron. Our team of strategists and graphic designers will come up with distinctive and memorable methods for positioning your restaurant’s brand on merchandise that will fly off your shelves and into the hands of your new brand ambassadors.

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