Foundational Branding is a proprietary package developed by Nice Branding Agency to establish brand positioning.

Foundational Branding is the most crucial step you can take to ensure the success of future branding and marketing efforts.

Our process defines the verbal and visual identity for your brand, and the established identity goes on to influence each and every marketing and creative initiative for your business.

Foundational Branding and Logo Development
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Foundational Branding Nashville | Brand Positioning Infographic

Foundational Branding, or brand positioning, is the cornerstone to the successful development of your brand.

Our process begins by sitting down with you and key team members to fully discover who you are as a company. We discuss your current and future goals, past and present marketing initiatives, historical data, and more. From there, our team dives into internal research and strategy.

Once we have acquired all available information and nailed a position, we develop a brand story, identify and define brand attributes, develop a descriptive paragraph, a positioning statement, a team paragraph, and a few other supporting foundational statements we feel best describe the heart of your company. This completes your verbal identity.

On the graphic side of foundational branding, we curate visual direction options to establish the creative direction for your brand, and this serves as a roadmap for the development of all future visuals for your company. The chosen visual style becomes your visual identity.

These foundational elements aid in uncovering the heart and soul of your brand, and once established, if properly utilized, will come to influence anything that is developed on behalf of your business. With a firm, sensible foundation in place, key brand elements are shaped by the true soul of the brand, giving consistent, purposeful communication and visual presence to your audience.

Here’s what our Foundational Branding package includes:


Our team will meet with yours to cultivate conversation surrounding who you are as an organization, including your history, values, team, goals, competition, marketing, offerings, and more. Having a firm grasp on your operations, your competitive landscape, and your target market will allow our team to take an informed approach to creating a purposeful verbal and visual identity that will support your company as it grows.


After the session is complete, we will identify key findings that we heard during our discovery session. This will help guide the direction of the foundational verbiage and visuals, and assure we are hitting the key facts and findings of your company.


We will establish definitive sentences that declare who you are and who you are not. We are this. We are not that. A mantra of sorts dictating who you are and what it is you strive to be. We will create statements of clarity that iterate what is off limits and misaligned with who and what your company may commonly identify with.


In an era when people are tired of being talked at and sold to, people crave genuine connections with brands. A properly positioned brand story can cultivate a real, emotional connection and effectively humanize your brand. Unlike traditional advertising, which is about showing and telling your products or services, a brand story must inspire an emotional reaction. Your brand story will become the verbal heartbeat of your brand.

Branding Aesthetic and Creative Story Development


Brand attributes are the inherit personality traits of your company at its core. When brand attributes are identified and defined, they become accessible and relatable for both you and your team to emulate consistently. As these characteristics resound from your team repeatedly, your company will be known for these traits. Brand attributes allow the personality of your company to come alive.

Branding Attributes for Creative Development


Your unique position in the market, and the statement that encompasses that position, will support everything you do. A true positioning statement is used internally to help focus your business efforts and align your team with the purpose of the company. It will convey who the company is, what value it provides, and to whom. This will become the basis for your verbal communication.

Your positioning statement should be memorized by you and your staff. When asked what it is your company does, the response should always start with your positioning statement. Soon enough, after repetition ensues, the public will associate your company with your positioning statement.

Aesthetic Branding and Positioning Statements


This paragraph goes into more detail than any other foundational verbiage statement. Your descriptive paragraph is a collection of copy that will not only adorn your about page, but will be utilized to support the need to explain who your company is, what your company does, how you do it better than others, and what success looks like with your firm. As your most informative, straight-forward paragraph, it provides crucial information that will connect and convince.

Branding descriptive paragraphs from a Nashville branding agency


A visual direction will provide you with a foundation for developing creative elements that will ultimately be absorbed by the public.

This is a conceptual board composed of images, fonts, and colors that emulates a brand essence. Whether you choose to call it a concept board, a direction board, or mood board, it will most definitely guide you to a certain state of mind.

Our team develops distinctly different visual options that your brand can successfully embrace. You select a final and this becomes the guide to all visuals that are developed on behalf of your business.

What To Know About Foundational Branding


Foundational Branding is the most crucial step you can take to ensure the success of future branding and marketing efforts. We don’t suggest moving forward without it.

Our team is on standby, ready to take you on a journey through our Foundational Branding process. Are you ready to change your business for the better and establish the cornerstone of your branding and marketing strategy. Let’s talk—we promise you won’t look back.

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