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Tikka N’ Curry

With plans to open a new concept in the financial district of Chicago, the Tikka N' Curry owner approached us for a restaurant branding project that would equip him to open his doors. Specifically, we would create a logo, menu, menu boards, and website as part of our limited restaurant branding package. However, as the project progressed, we were also brought on to develop environmental graphics and social media posts.


Restaurant Branding Project Kickoff

The project for Tikka N’ Curry was a limited version of our typical restaurant branding project. This means that instead of starting with brand direction, we jumped right into logo design for the restaurant. Prior to kicking off the project with our team, we started by obtaining pertinent information via a creative questionnaire and follow up discussion with our client.

We understood that the concept would be a take on modern Indian cuisine that incorporated a live tava within the restaurant. The restaurant would offer bowls, salads, and wraps with various protein options and a variety of sauces. Additionally, refreshments would be available, including lassis, lemonades, and chais.

Our goal for the project would be to create an identity that embodied the live tava, while also attracting modern, busy customers in an urban environment.


Design Direction Meeting

We started off the project with a design direction meeting to brainstorm possible concepts for development. Here, we determined that we would utilize typography throughout the options we would present, creating something memorable out of the N’ and incorporating a tagline to convey the concept to passers  by pretty quickly. Our design team worked up several variations on this concept that we could develop digitally and present to the client.


Finalization of Conceptualization

The concepts were presented to our Director of Design and Creative Director for assessment. Here, the senior design leaders provided feedback and thoughts that would finesse the concepts and provide more depth.



Logo Design

With concepts in hand, our logo design experts set to work selecting and pairing fonts, colors, and taglines to create logo options that would be memorable and modern, while still classic and timeless. The logo design process involved the creation of several options and then the paring down of those options to the best 3 logos that would serve the client well for the next 10 years.


Three Logo Options

The first of the three options included the restaurant name in a flowing font that created movement between the letters. The logo was paired with the tagline, “tava Indian grill” and was shown in a color palette of warm white, bold orange, and classic black.



The second option created was much more ornate. It utilized a font that was irregular and textured to bring in that ancient Indian street-food feel. A color scheme of rich orange juxtaposed against a vibrant fuchsia conveyed an energy. A tagline “modern Indian eatery” was paired with the logo and set in a fuchsia tag below the restaurant’s name.



The final option presented was somewhat of a hybrid between the first two logos. It was comprised of a font that was both clean and textured at once. The letters aligned into a square with the iconic N’ set in the middle. The color palette included a warm, yet modern orange and an off-white.



Presentation and Selection

Upon presentation, our client was immediately attracted to option three, and requested that we incorporate an icon into the design to represent the live tava. We created a simple, but impactful icon. The icon was comprised of a tava with a flame rising from the center. The edges of the design are slightly textured to provide a hand-drawn effect, and the icon can be printed in black, white, or color.




Logo Finalization

With our client’s approval, the chosen logo went back to our Director of Design for finalization. During this process, our director perfects the design and chooses exact colors in PMS, CMYK, RGB, and hex codes. Logo files are created in JPEG, PNG, EPS, and PDF and are shared with our client in black, white, and full color. Additionally, we created logo guidelines to help the client maintain the integrity of the logo and brand. The guidelines included the fonts, color codes, and logo usage recommendations.



Menu Design

With the logo approved and complete, we implemented the logo, color palette, and other design elements into the creation of a handheld menu for the restaurant. The menu design project started with strategy. It was important for us to be able to convey the idea of Live Tava and to inform customers about what they could have “sautéed before their eyes.” One entire side of the menu would be dedicated to the live tava section.

The other side of the menu would show customers what they could order outside of the live tava section. These were more traditional dishes, prepped for the fast-casual modern Indian eatery concept.

Illustrations were incorporated to quickly convey the main offerings, and the color scheme was utilized to improve user-experience. The menu was designed to be able to be scanned quickly by customers.

A texture was incorporated into the background of the menu to introduce dimension and to communicate the brand, while decorative elements were also used to create interest. Social icons and a hashtag were incorporated into the footer of the menu to encourage the social sharing that’s in line with this type of casual concept.




Sitemap Presentation

While the menu project continued on, we presented our client with a sitemap for the website. This website would be simple site, with the primary calls to action to be to order online, view the menu, and find the restaurant. An additional page would be utilized to communicate catering offerings. External links would be implemented to handle online orders.


Website Hosting

Additionally, we spoke to our client about website hosting. Our hosting platform is the best-rated option for hosting WordPress websites, as it boasts best-in-class security and fast page load speeds. We also maintain and monitor the sites we host monthly to ensure that all platforms and plugins are updated and functioning properly. In this case, our client decided to host the site with another vendor. Therefore, he would also be responsible for taking the website live himself, and we would provide him with the site files to do so.

Menu Board Design

The approved menu board was translated into a menu board that mirrored the handheld version, but also incorporated promotional messaging surrounding catering.




Environmental Graphic Design

As an add-on to our package, we created environmental graphics to help convey the restaurant’s ethos to customers. The graphics included in-store communication, chalkboard design, and window graphics.



Restaurant Window Designs



Website Wireframes

With the sitemap for the website approved, we moved into the creation of a wireframe that would act as a blueprint for the website. The wireframe structured the site to include space for key communication, food imagery, main navigation, and menu. As experts in user-experience, our team ensured that the user would move through the site being nudged to take action upon each scroll. The website would tell the story of the brand, while all the while informing users to enroll in the intended action.



Website Design

The design of the site would be then brought into the wireframe through our website design process. This process dictates that we provide the client with the design of key pages, typically including the homepage and the menu page, or another interior page. The design incorporated the warm, savory color palette of mustard and orange. Client-supplied food imagery took on the warm tones of the brand and put the menu items on display throughout the site.



Website Development

The approved design was then brought to life through a custom-developed WordPress website. The website was built from a user-perspective and designed to be completely responsive on mobile devises. On desktop, a simple header menu dictated navigation, while on mobile, a hamburger menu in the top left corner allows the header imagery to take center-stage.



Website Launch

Prior to launch, the client was provided with a staged link to review the website completely. Meanwhile, our team put the site through rigorous testing on both desktop and mobile to ensure that all buttons, forms, and pages operated as intended. Once approved internally, and by the client, the website files were provided to the client, along with a quick training video. The training video communicated to the client how to update key content on the website, such as the menu items.


Social Media Design

As another addition to the package, we created social profile art and equipped the client with a social pack. The social pack includes 15 branded social posts with art and captions. Additionally, we provide 15 researched hashtags that can be utilized by the client to garner engagement.


Project Closeout

As the restaurant prepared to launch, we provided our client with the print-ready PDF files for the designed items. We also shared the logo files via a shared file for safe-keeping.

The branding for Tikka N’ Curry was received with overwhelming success. The community in Chicago praised the branding and the launch of the restaurant, and the logo design, menu design, and website design received an abundance of exposure on social media due to the interest of social media influencers.

If you’re in need of a restaurant brand, curry up and contact us today. We’d love to tikka look at your concept and see if we can help you get it live.

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