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The Rail Bar & Bites

Creating a hotel restaurant logo design requires a keen understanding of the property and region, as well as the target market for the restaurant, and the interior branding of the hotel itself. Our team worked with our clients to create a logo for their bar and restaurant called The Rail Bar & Bites that would pay homage to the area, while attracting both locals and travelers.

hotel restaurant logo design


The Rail Bar & Bites is a restaurant within the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Kansas City. As our client prepared to open the restaurant, they reached out to us for a hotel restaurant logo design that would bring life to the concept, while still aligning with the design of the rest of the hotel.


Hotel Restaurant Logo Design Kickoff


We started the project by reviewing the creative brief provided by the client. From the information supplied, we understood that the client’s objective for the design was to create something upscale, but not too uppity. They wanted the brand to be fun and to appeal to a wide demographic. Our research into the property and the area uncovered the fact that Kansas City has a deep history with the railroad industry. The famous Union Station was constructed in the early 1900’s and local residents of time time welcomed the addition enthusiastically. The large clock that hung from the ceiling there became a meeting place for businessmen, couples, and gatherings.

Today, Union Station stands as a vivid reminder of inspired vision, determination and a collective sense of civic history and pride.  We decided that with the name of the restaurant, and the storied history of the railroad system within the region, we would develop several concepts that nodded to the impact of the train to this community.


Hotel Restaurant Logo Design Direction Meeting


Our design team assembled to sketch the concepts and present them to our Director of Design and Creative Director. The concepts presented internally included the use of an icon that imitated the shape of the front of the train, as well as several typographic options that brought in the vintage feel of the Union Station.


logo concepts based on train


Finalization of Conceptualization

As our Design Directors reviewed the concept ideas presented by our team, they ensured that each of the options presented would answer the client’s ask, and that we were taking into account the core values of the property and the restaurant. Additionally, at this stage, we ensure that we’re presenting enough variety in the options. The concepts were approved to be developed digitally, and our team got to work creating the logo options and preparing them for client presentation.


Hotel Restaurant Logo Design


During the logo design process, we work to implement the concepts into digital designs. Here, our design team works to select and pair fonts that will convey the overall direction for the logo. We create several options here as we work to include both variety and consistency. Additionally, we develop icons for logos that require an iconic approach, and we seek out colors that will bring about the look and feel that we’re after. This is truly where the magic happens, and then the result is once again examined by our leadership team to ensure the client’s ask is answered in a manner that will serve the brand well.


Three Logo Options


For The Rail Bar & Bites, we created three unique options, which a couple of variations on a couple of the options. The first hotel restaurant logo design we created for The Rail included a clean and simple sans serif font for the restaurant’s name, paired with a classic serif for the tagline. The pairing of the modern and classic fonts gives the logo dimension and a wide appeal. Additionally, we created an icon that utilized two letter R’s, positioned back to back to create the shape of the front of a train engine. Again, the modern and classic are represented by an updated sage green color, paired with a tried and true navy tone.


the rail bar and bites logo

logo icon breakdown


The second option developed was a purely typographical logo that focused on the vintage aspect of Kansas City and the rail lines. The logo played up the location of the restaurant, and incorporated both the name of the hotel and the city name within the typographical design. We utilized a color palette that consisted of a unique shade of orange, paired once again with a rich navy!

Finally, we created a version that nodded slightly to the large clock that hung in the original Union Station. The clock was an iconic meeting place, just as we hoped that the restaurant would be. We used the circular shape of the clock, and implemented the initial for The Rail within the space. Decorative horizontal lines were utilized to balance the icon. We implemented the same typography and color scheme from option one in this version.

logo options for the rail bar and bites


In addition, we supplied a couple of variations on the concepts developed. These included showing options one with an icon that included just one R, in case the back to back R’s posed an issue for the client. The second variation included a simplified look at option two. This version moved the script to just the word “the” and brought in the bold sans serif for the word “rail.”

hotel bar logo options


Presentation and Selection


Upon presentation, we talk the client through each of the logo options, explaining why we feel each would work well for the restaurant, and how we envision each option being used in application. We also explain our color selections. At this point, we asked the client to select one logo direction to move forward with. Option one was selected, and we moved forward to finalize the logo for client use.


the rail bar and bites logo

the rail bar and bites logo icon on navy background



Logo Finalization


During the logo finalization process for the hotel restaurant logo design, we worked to perfect the logo by ensuring that each element of the design was placed perfectly. Additionally, our Director of Design works to select exact color codes, selecting PMS, CMYK, RGB, and hex codes. Once the logo is final, we move into our project closeout.


Project Closeout


Having approval from the Director of Design to create logo files, our team develops files for the client in PDF, EPS, JPEG, and PNG. We provide a full color logo, an all white version, and an all black version. We also create a logo guidelines sheet that outlines the font names, color codes, and logo usage recommendations. This sheet is provided, along with logo files in order to help our client maintain the integrity of the design.


logo guidelines for the rail bar and bites


We loved keeping this hotel restaurant logo design project on the rails. If you’re ready to depart, give us a call and we’ll jump aboard.


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