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Talent Recruiting Solutions

Nice Branding Agency created a recruiting firm logo design for Talent Recruiting Solutions in Franklin, Tennessee. The logo project required a strong understanding of the business owner's goals for her brand, as well as a good grasp on her target market. With two targets, millennial candidates and corporate clients, it was important for us to develop a logo that would allow her to attract both groups. Our team worked with local Franklin, Tennessee business owner Heather Chambers to develop a recruiting firm logo design that would set her apart. Our goal was to create something polished and professional, but that also conveyed her personality in a manner that would allow clients and candidates to quickly associate the brand with her personally.


Project Kickoff

We started the project with a kickoff meeting that allowed our team to obtain and process pertinent information about the project. Prior to diving into design, we send our clients a questionnaire to complete. This form gives clients the opportunity to put into writing what they are expecting from the project, as well as answer questions for us regarding their competitors and their business goals. The name of Heather Chambers’ business is Talent Recruiting Solutions. The firm recruits top talent for open medical sales positions. However, we learned that Talent Recruiting Solutions also coaches candidates through the interview process and can recruit for RN and marketing positions within the healthcare industry as well. As a former medical sales professional, Heather was familiar with the industry, and her expert insight provides value to both her candidates and her clients.

Her intent for the project was to come away with a brand image that would represent a boutique recruiting firm. She also mentioned that her competitors were operating under brands that lacked distinction and personality, and she wanted to set herself apart by creating an identity that would align better with her personality.


Design Direction Brainstorm

After our initial internal kickoff meeting, our design team sat down to determine a direction for the project. In this case, it was clear that our client wanted to walk away with a recruiting firm logo design that was classic with a modern twist. We brainstormed concepts that would align with her core competencies and provide a platform for communicating her services and key differentiators.

We determined that the services provided by TRS were rooted in communication between Heather and her clients and candidates. So we decided to create a couple of options that demonstrated the communication aspect of the business. We also felt that the search for the perfect candidate or position was a big part of the business, and this could be demonstrated through the inclusion of a magnifying glass or lightbulb icon.

Additionally, we thought that a typographic logo with a stylized treatment would serve the business well. The typographic style would attract millennials, while remaining both classic and modern.


recruiting firm logo design concepts


Finalization of Conceptualization

Once we’ve determined the direction for the concepts, the team brings the ideas to our Director of Design and Creative Director for feedback. In this case, our directors determined that the approach was a solid one, and in line with what the client was after. They determined a couple of directions for the typographical options, and recommended the pairing of the magnifying glass with the acronym of the business name to provide a more custom icon.


Logo Design Options

With the feedback from our directors in hand, our design team set off to create digital versions of the concepts presented. We designed the logos in InDesign, taking care to address typography, colors, icon style, and intended application. Our goal was to create a logo that will last our client about 10 years. And one that can be scaled up to the size of a billboard or down to the size of a postage stamp and retain its legibility.

For this project, we presented three concepts for a recruiting firm logo design, but showed the concepts across five logo options. Typically, we only show three logo options as part of our initial presentation, but in this case we had a couple of designs that were extremely similar in style, and we wanted to present both variations.

The first logo option included a clean sans serif font in a bold black noting the nature of the business: Recruiting Solutions. The word Talent then came around the top left corner of the logo to encompass or hug the Recruiting Solutions verbiage. This treatment draws attention to the name “Talent,” while also nodding to the fact that talent is what circles the entire process, and is what makes the business the success that it is.


recruiting firm logo design typography


Including an acronym of the business name in the logo was at the request of the client, so it’s an element we chose to incorporate as the foundation for several of the design options we presented. This second logo option features a delicate icon, comprised of the acronym “TR”, that is set against the business name in another very modern, clean typeface. The letter R in the icon makes up a very understated magnifying glass to incorporate the act of searching for candidates. Gold is added to the color palette for a level of sophistication.


Recruiting Firm Logo Design


In the third option, we used the business name acronym once again to create another variation of the icon. In this version, you’ll notice that the tail of the letter T runs all the way through the letter R, highlighting the quality and preciseness of the Heather’s recruiting process; a vein that’s running consistently through her business. This element also represents the unique connection between recruits and recruiter.


Recruiting Firm Logo Design


Our fourth option utilizes a similar structure found in the previous design. We added small dots to the end of the letters to emphasize different integral parts, or points, of the process: talent, recruiting, and finding solutions. This option embodies more of an elite, boutique aesthetic by using an artful, somewhat abstract lettering style.


Recruiting Firm Logo Design


In our final option, we created a lightbulb icon to represent the “lightbulb moment”, or spark, that occurs when the perfect candidate is matched with the perfect career opportunity. At first glance, this icon resembles a standard lightbulb, however, the simplified shape of a human can be found inside the bulb. This represents an individual candidate in the center of the process and their unique needs. In this option, we paired the modern icon we developed with a timeless, approachable typeface that provides balance.


Recruiting Firm Logo Design


Presentation and Selection

Upon presentation, our client selected the first option for her final recruiting firm logo design. She loved the simplicity of the type with the twist incorporated in the word Talent. Her goal was to be known as simply, “Talent” so it was important to her that the word was quickly apparent upon first glance.


Recruiter Branding Logo Design


Logo Finalization, Files, and Guidelines

Upon selection, our team finalizes the logo and prepares logo files. In the finalization process, our Director of Design ensures that the type is perfectly set. At this time, she also selects exact colors for the logo, including brand colors. These are noted in PMS, CMYK, RGB, and hex codes for web.


Project Closeout

Finally, we prepare logo files for our client. The deliverables included in the logo development project include the full color, black, and white logo files in PDF, EPS, JPEG, and PNG. We also include a handy dandy logo guidelines sheet that outlines the fonts, colors, and minimum size for the logo. The sheet also provides tips on what not to do with the logo in order to help our clients maintain the integrity of the mark.


logo design guidelines


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