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Stuart’s Plumbing

When Stuart’s Plumbing first reached out to us for plumbing company branding, they wanted an agency to handle their rebrand. Their business was successful, and they wanted to update their image to attract more of their ideal clients. They also were ready to take on a project to wrap their fleet of vehicles. Before investing in vehicle wraps, though, they wanted to make sure their brand was strong.

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Plumbing company branding typically falls into our business branding package. Here, we equip businesses with the core elements of branding, including a logo, stationery package, and website.


Plumbing Company Branding Kickoff

The first step of the project was the client brief. We sent a list of questions to the client to get details on their vision for the project. The information provided in the client brief gives us a clear picture of what the client is looking for, and what their goals are for the project. After our team reviews, we get any remaining questions answered, and then it’s time to get to work.

Our business branding projects begin with an internal meeting, where we gather project managers, designers, copywriters, and strategists to review the goals of the project. Together, we make sure we are all on the same page before the mice start clicking.


Design Direction Brainstorm

Together, our design team determined we wanted to use bright blue in the brand because of its association with water, honesty, and professionalism. Additionally, we wanted a strong icon to accompany the logo. In the end, we wanted to be able to create a pattern out of the icon to be used on the brand support. This would be specifically implemented as part of a subsequent vehicle design project.


Finalization of Conceptualization

After our design team’s first sketches, we strategized ideas based around pairing the name with pipes and water in a typographic format was our favorite. With that in mind, we got to work creating versions of what we had in mind to bring the logo to life. 

The Basic Branding Package includes three logo options, so we worked on refining our three favorite options to present to client. 


Plumbing Company Branding Logo Design

The first logo was created with letters that fit together like pipes. The second option was a more straightforward typographic design accompanied by an icon of two bent pipes. The final version we presented used a bold font paired with the “t” in “Stuart’s” shaped as a spigot.


Presentation and Selection

We presented our three options, and the client selected the third option: the bold typographic font with the spigot “t.” The faucet and more bold font aligned with what he envisioned for his business. 

Since the final logo itself included a graphic as part of the letter “t,” we created a secondary icon that could stand by itself to represent the logo. This secondary icon consisted of the S and P from the full logo, separated by a blue water droplet.



Logo Finalization

When the logo was selected by Team Stuart’s Plumbing, it went back to our Director of Design for finalization. This process includes the perfecting of the design, and the selection of exact color codes. We select PMS colors, CMYK colors, and RGB colors. Plus hex codes. When this is complete, the logo is moved along to our design team to create logo files. We provide our clients with full color, black, and white files in PDF, EPS, JPEG, and PNG for safe keeping. We also create a share logo guidelines that outline the colors, fonts, and usage recommendations for the logo.


Sitemap Presentation

As the logo project wrapped up, we began our strategy for the website design. In this case, Stuart’s Plumbing had an existing website company that would develop the site and maintain SEO on the website. So, our role was in website design here. We kept the existing sitemap for the website, but recommended that many of the header menu items be shifted into the footer to prioritize user experience.


Website Hosting

Additionally, at this stage, we would typically sort out website hosting, however, the Stuart’s Plumbing website was already hosted by another firm and that was the way our client intended to keep it. We recommend that our clients do host their websites with us, as we are able to ensure fast page-load speeds, website security, regular maintenance on the platform and plugins, and daily backups.


Business Card Design

As the website project gets off the ground, we then look to implement the chosen brand direction into the business system. The first thing we create is the business card. For Stuart’s Plumbing, we created a design that included the icon on a flood of blue, with the contact information contrasting against a textured white background. The reverse of the card was a simple solid blue background featuring the full logo. The primary business card would be printed on a thick 32pt stock with painted blue edges to provide a completely custom look and a solid, professional feel. Additionally, we printed this design in a more standard manner on 16pt silk for team members who were out in the field and needed something lighter and less expensive to pass around.


Stationery Package Development

The business card then set the tone for the remainder of the stationery package for Stuart’s Plumbing, which included a letterhead, notecard, and envelope. Here, the use of the icon brings in a thoroughly custom look and feel, while the stationery still remains super professional and in alignment with the brand.


plumbing company branding, stuart's plumbing stationery design including business card, notecard, envelope, and letterhead


Website Wireframe

With the sitemap in place, we worked on a wireframe that would take the website’s existing information and structure it so that the customer could get the information they wanted to obtain about Stuart’s Plumbing upon each scroll. Calls to action were scattered throughout to nudge the user to contact the company for service. The services provided by Stuart’s were many. So we used a block system to emphasize the main service lines and to draw the eye to them and across them. Drain Cleaning was a key component of the business, so it got its own section, complete with header and body copy. By setting it apart, we were able to prioritize this in the viewers line of sight and provide users with a bit more information about the service, should they be interested. Additionally, the space for extra body copy would provide an SEO opportunity there.


Website Design

We implemented a simple and compelling headline across the top of the website to convey to viewers exactly what the company does, and why you should care. We positioned plumbing as a problem, but one that our client would handle adeptly. The design implemented the freshly minted logo, along with the brand color scheme throughout.


stuart's plumbing website design, plumbing company branding


Website Development

At this point, we would typically have an approved website design in place and move into development. However, at this juncture, our team and the client couldn’t come to an agreement on the approval of the design. Our client wanted to introduce a more warm color and feel to the website, however we stood firmly on the side of maintaining the integrity of the brand. Introducing another color just on the website and nowhere else throughout the brand support would create a disconnect in the minds of the consumer, which would lead to a disassembling of the brand.

In some instances, we are happy to oblige, however, we also find that our role as branding experts is why our clients trust us when push comes to shove. So in this case, we all thought it best if our client moved forward with the rest of the website design and development project with his existing web company.


stuart's plumbing responsive website mockup


Website Launch

Our process typically ends with the launch of a brand-new website, however in this case, we simply provided the existing design and left the launch in the hands of our client.


Project Closeout

To closeout the project, we provided the logo files and print files for the stationery. We loved working on this project, despite the differences in opinion that arose regarding the website design. We think the finished brand really flows well, and we’ve enjoyed seeing our client maintain the brand as he launches various marketing materials into the market.

If you’re interested in plumbing company branding, or want to see whether this package would suit your business branding needs, reach out to our team today.

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