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HomeTown Pet

Tractor Supply Company tapped Nice Branding Agency to handle the branding and graphic design for HomeTown Pet, a new pet-focused store in Franklin, Tennessee.

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In the fall of 2014, our client Tractor Supply Company decided to launch two pet-focused stores near their Brentwood, Tennessee headquarters. The pet store would be named HomeTown Pet.

Steve Barbarick, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing for Tractor Supply Company stated: “The opening of two HomeTown Pet stores near our Store Support Center in Brentwood, Tennessee, will be an ideal way for us to gain better insight into the pet and animal supply category. We are a ‘test-and-learn’ company, and these stores will provide valuable information that can help us better understand the unique needs of our pet customers.”

Tractor Supply Company tapped Nice Branding Agency to handle the branding and graphic design for HomeTown Pet.



Our creative team developed a simple logo that incorporated a clean and bold font paired with a paw icon and a tagline in a more handwritten style font. The paw was intended to be indicative of dog and cat pets, while the tagline below ensured that viewers would know that the store catered to more than just pups and kittens.


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Ongoing Graphic Design

To support the brand that we created, our team was available to HomeTown Pet for ongoing graphic design support related to sales and marketing initiatives, in-store signage, and more. According to a regular schedule, we created the HomeTown Pet Circulars, placing product details and images in a manner that would read more “lifestyle” and less “coupon book.” The challenge here was creating something that was unmistakably retail, but also would entice the high-end buyers of Franklin and Fairview, Tennessee.

Additionally, our team was on call to create graphics for regular store specials including those used on bag-stuffers, window clings, end cap signage, and more.

When provided with the offer information and skus, we were able to create eye-catching pieces that were not only easy for the user to understand, but also in line with the overall brand for the store.


Marketing Campaign Strategy and Support

In addition to designing pieces upon request, our team spearheaded the marketing strategy and the design required to execute the strategy for several campaigns. For example, we created a strategy for marketing the HomeTown Pet Pet Wash — a fully-stocked bay that allowed pet owners to wash their pets in-store.

We devised a marketing strategy that included in-store signage, web graphics, organic and paid social media, and more.


Event Strategy and Support

To further engage the community with the HomeTown Pet brand, the Nice Branding Agency team organized several different initiatives around National Dog Day. We coordinated the donation of dog food to local shelters, using local area influencers to garner additional attention for the cause.

We partnered with brands such as MARS, Purina, and PetSafe to obtain donations for the Williamson County Animal Shelter and other area animal shelters.

To further celebrate dog day, we organized a ‘Yappy Hour’ at one of the HomeTown Pet locations. We invited local area pet vendors to join us at the event, and coordinated donations of snacks and giveaways for the event. We partnered with influencers to bring their pets to the event and share with their followers about National Dog Day at HomeTown Pet.

Ultimately, Tractor Supply Company acquired PetSense and has since converted both HomeTown Pet stores to PetSense locations.

Our team continues to support TSC with ongoing graphic design for their Tractor Supply Company marketing initiatives.


If your company has a marketing department that could be supported by strong graphic design, give us a shout. Our agency works well in partnership with marketing directors to provide graphic design and marketing strategy that supports your brand and overall goals.

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