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ES Global

This branding project aligned ES Global's visual identity, brand voice, and web presence into an effective, international brand.


Working with ES Global of San Francisco, Nice Branding Agency of Nashville created a global brand identity that would connect cultures and compel partners to take action.

In 2004, ES Global founder Jinae Kang created a company that would bring happy, healthy products from the US into happy, healthy homes in Asia, specifically, into the Korean market. Basically, ES Global serves as the liaison between US brands and Korean vendors to get American products placed into the Korean market. ES Global has a ton of connections and partners with dozens of big US brands, including Happy Family Organics, SwimWays, and UGG, bringing them in to the Asian market, often as the exclusive distributor that connects the markets.

When ES Global approached us, their current global brand identity wasn’t drawing the interest that the company deserved. Their website had many goals, but the UX wasn’t effectively carrying the viewer through the content of the site, engaging them or compelling them to take action.

ES Global was in need of solid global brand identity that could function both domestically and overseas, explaining the complex international business in a way that could resonate in both markets and also grow with them throughout the years.



To create the ES Global logo, we combined an icon of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, where the ES Global headquarters is located, with an icon of two people holding hands and a smiley face. Together, the icons form a cohesive logo that represent who ES Global is and what they do.

Using bright colors, we emphasized the happy, family-friendly feel of ES Global products.

The tagline we developed aimed to simplify the worldwide business into an understandable line: “connecting consumers with brands we believe in.”

In the final design, the Golden Gate Bridge, formed to represent a smile, stands behind two people holding hands, representing the joining of the two markets.   

With a logo set in place, we then started developing business cards.



Business Cards

The next step was designing a business card for ES Global that would stand out when their representatives went to networking events with future partners. At these events, hundreds of business cards are being exchanged, so they needed theirs to be able to make a statement.

To accomplish this, we created a couple of different options for them that could attract both US brands to partner with them and also Korean vendors to give them shelf space overseas.

The first card we proposed had a die cut of the ES Global logo, with DMS colored edges and a thick, coated stock. This card incorporated both English and Korean contact information to be useful in both markets.

The second option we created was a custom die cut card in the shape of a chat bubble icon. We used color on the chat bubble to draw interest and create dimension. Both English and Korean contact information were included on this second option, as well.

In the end, our client went with the first option.




To simplify their existing website, we created all new wireframes and a strategy to improve the ES Global user experience.

In the design, we used the header image and copy to help the website clearly communicate what ES Global offers as soon as a visitor lands on their homepage. The header navigation is limited to the calls to action, an about us section and a services page. All of the other page links were placed in the footer menu to streamline the site.

The tagline and body copy on the site further explained the benefits of working with ES Global, pushing visitors to partner with ES Global.

The rest of the homepage sections reinforced the credibility of ES Global by showcasing some of the most recognizable brands they have partnered with in the past.

We placed calls-to-action throughout the site to drive users to reach out to ES Global.

Visually, the website is filled with the brand colors and the smiley face icon to reinforce the happy feeling of the brand and the benefits of partnering with ES Global. Icons and sectioned off pieces of the website visually aid the viewer in understanding the business and their services.




The ES Global project was a great example of how our new business package can be useful for the creation of a global brand identity. Even for an established, international business, the new business package is a great way to give a solid restructure to your brand. Contact us to learn more about rebranding your company.


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