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Curio Coffee Roasters

The logo development process at Nice Branding Agency is one that produces consistently stellar results for our clients. While we understand that the logo is not the complete brand, it is a foundational element. Your logo should be able to serve you as a platform for telling your story. We were retained by the Nashville craft coffee connoisseurs at Curio Coffee to create a logo that would brew up some great conversation about why they started their business.


Coffee Shop Logo Design Kickoff

The purveyors at Curio Coffee Roasters in Nashville approached Nice Branding Agency with the need for a custom coffee shop logo design. They were depending on this logo design project to equip their company to grow beyond corporate coffee service into a brand that would resonate with coffee connoisseurs. 


Design Direction Meeting

Armed with information about the business from our creative questionnaire, our team gathered to determine different directions the brand could take to achieve the clients’ goals. We wanted to really delve into the meaning behind the name and the overall vision for the brand that the owners had cast as they were starting their business. The idea was that there’s an element of curiosity around coffee that’s been sourced from around the globe.

Curio is all about developing curiosity within people. And curiosity is what drives the world to understand and create new experiences to further better themselves. It’s curiosity that brought owners David & Alex together as partners to explore the different capacities within the specialty coffee culture. Ensuring that people can experience the best possible cup of coffee within their busy day. Helping people explore the flavor complexities of the glorious bean and grow in appreciation of the craft. Curio is all about collaboration and bringing together the fast growing world of coffee.

Additionally, our clients wanted a logo that would be easily recognizable (shouldn’t they all be?) and one that would make viewers curious about the company and wanting to investigate to learn more.

Initially, our team brought to the table several directions that were primarily typographic in nature. We planned to utilize the c’s in the words curio and coffee and to create a logo that would live well on apparel, merchandise, and packaging.



Finalization of Conceptualization

Upon presentation to our Director of Design and Creative Director, it was determined that these logo options didn’t possess enough variety, or truly get to the heart of the brand’s positioning. Our directors recommended taking a closer look at what it means to be curious and what elements play into the enjoyment of coffee.

From here, we set forth to create logo designs that included icon options indicative of the meaning behind the brand.


Coffee Shop Logo Design

During the design phase, our team took to their desktops to digitally create several logo options that included both typography and iconography. The options were paired with color palettes that we determined would work well in application, and capture the mood of the brand. These options were compiled and reviewed internally before prepped to present to our clients.


Three Logo Options

As part of our logo development process, our team develops three logo options to present to the client for selection. The first logo we created for Curio Coffee Roasters was one that included a stylized magnifying glass to promote the idea of curiosity. The looking glass also took on the shape of a coffee mug viewed from overhead. A modern color palette of blues with a subtle inclusion of a burnt orange color brought the brand to life and conveyed the curiosity aspect.

The icon was designed to be able to live along with the typeset or alone as required by application. Within the icon, you’ll see that it’s comprised of two c’s, which make up both the magnifying glass and the coffee mug. It’s this subtle underlying meaning that provides a starting point to talk about the brand story and the meaning behind the business.


coffee shop logo design coffee shop logo icon

logo icon breakdown


We also showed a couple of variations on this setup. One of the coffee shop logo design options included the same magnifying glass icon, but paired the design with a bolder, yet simpler typeset. The color palette included a jade green and white, offset by the inclusion of a bit of gold. This color palette was requested by the client initially, and we thought it to be a viable option. Also, we showed a similar version that included a thick sans serif font with a more modern take of the overhead coffee mug view. This icon represents a power button in some respects, nodding to the power of coffee to power your day.


coffee shop logo


The next two options presented were primarily typographic. In the first option below, you will see that the large C with the star could serve as an icon, however, it is utilized in the typography to start the words curio and coffee. The font is weathered, yet sophisticated, and the color palette is both rustic and polished at once. The second coffee shop logo design shown below is decidedly modern and clean. In this approach, we used the letter “u” in the word “curio” to fashion the shape of a coffee mug. The black, white, and gold color combination brings a certain element of class to the brand, and makes the logo extremely versatile.


logo design for coffee shop


Presentation and Selection

Upon presentation of the coffee shop logo design options, our client selected the first option. The clever nature of the icon really won their hearts and they felt like the color palette was one that was not frequently present in their industry. This would promote the curiosity aspect and allow them to stand out in the market. Additionally, they determined that the icon would be able to easily grace mugs, packaging, merchandise, attire, and more. It would be recognizable and wearable, and that was a major goal for the design.


curio coffee shop logo


Finalization of Coffee Shop Logo Design

When the logo was selected and the color palette finalized, it went back to our Director of Design for finalization. During this phase, the logo is inspected to ensure that all spacing is perfectly correct and that the design of the icon is impeccable. At this point, exact color codes are selected in PMS, CMYK, RGB, and hex codes.


Project Closeout

Finally, we are ready to provide logo files to our client. We create a full set of files, including black, white, and full color. These are provided to the client as PDF, JPEG, EPS, and PNG files. Additionally, we share a logo guidelines sheet with the files. This guide outlines the usage requirements, font names, and color codes for the logo.


curio coffee logo guidelines


Our coffee shop logo design process is one that is slow-roasted for success. However, in reality, the entire project takes about two weeks to complete. If you’re sipping on what we’re brewing, give us a shout. We’d love to create a logo for you.

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