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Alltrust Insurance

A successfully refreshed logo and updated brand elements for Alltrust Insurance all started with an in-depth brainstorming session to define the identity of Alltrust.


Nice Branding Agency was approached by Alltrust Insurance with the challenge to create a new brand and overall corporate image that matched the unique culture of Alltrust Insurance. Unfortunately, Alltrust had been through multiple rebranding campaigns throughout the years, but no other company was ever able to grasp what made Alltrust different from other insurance agencies — that is, until Nice Branding came around.

“Like most business owners I have, over decades, been enticed to “advertise” or to “build brand recognition.” It was always a similar presentation… we reach your market, and it takes frequency. I have been led down every road from print to broadcast to new logos and websites. This past year, Amy and the Nice Branding team were introduced to me and my team. They did something very different… they listened, they asked tough questions, and they visited with clients and partners… it was all about us and our goals. For the first time in decades, I knew that a firm was working very hard to understand our challenges. We are a professional service firm with too many look-alike competitors. We were at first apprehensive to yield to her professional judgment but did and we’re now the beneficiary of a refreshed and much stronger and coherent brand. Alltrust is very proud of our brand evolution and I view Nice Branding Agency as our trusted partner. I highly recommend Amy and her team.” -Joe Part, Alltrust Insurance, CEO.


Foundational Branding

Nice Branding started by conducting an in-depth brainstorming session with key individuals who worked at Alltrust. Nice Branding prepared questions that helped to expose the core business foundations, goals, and practices. In addition, Nice met with current clients and providers to get an outside perspective on what Alltrust was all about. Once the details were laid out on the table, Nice Branding began to pull keywords that seemed to repeat in the overall nature of Alltrust.

From here, our team crafted a positioning statement and defined brand attributes for the company. We then created a visual direction that would set the foundation for all visuals related to the development of the brand assets. This visual direction aligned well with the attributes and positioning statement, which created a cohesive and consistent identity for the company.


Logo Development

The next step was to create a single image that encompassed the main pieces of the Alltrust Brand. After countless hours of sorting through images and ideas, and determining the elements that make up Alltrust, Nice Branding was able to design a logo that truly encompassed the key points of Alltrust Insurance. The final logo implemented bright, vibrant colors to show off the fun, unique culture of the people who make up Alltrust. The fingerprint represented the number one priority at Alltrust – “People. Our People. Your People. Their People.” The shape of the fingerprints together created a treetop, representing Alltrust’s deep knowledge for what they do.



Brand Elements for Insurance Company Branding

Nice Branding knows that a brand is more than just a logo. Additional elements were developed to create an entire brand personality that embraced the overall image of Alltrust. Nice Branding developed a mantra (mission statement) for Alltrust, encompassing all of their unique qualities and creating a compass for the Alltrust culture.

Nice Branding knows awareness is key and how important Alltrust’s employees are to Alltrust. So to start unveiling the new brand of Alltrust, Nice threw an internal launch party exclusively for the Alltrust staff. For invitations, Nice sent the Alltrust staff a customized stamp pad and requested that they bring the invite as entry to the party. Upon arrival, they had to stamp their fingerprint in order to get in. Those fingerprints of all the attendees then formed the tree of Alltrust. At the party, Alltrust employees received a comprehensive look at the insurance company branding process and then got the first sneak peek at the new brand. The party was clearly Alltrust, as the brand was carried out from the decor to a personalized Alltrust drink, the AllTini. Nice Branding even deployed an event countdown on the Alltrust Facebook page to create excitement and hype. Nice created a custom animated video to clearly display, step by step, the insurance company branding process and relationship that was built between Alltrust and Nice. After the employees of Alltrust were fully aware and excited about the new look of Alltrust, Nice then took the steps to plan out the final launch party for the Alltrust clients.


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