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Written by Amy Dennis
CEO | Creative Director

We’re Hiring | Project Manager

Nice is hiring a Project Manager, Nashville! First, read up on the position + then let us know if you’re interested in joining our team. 

Reports to: CEO

Direct Reports: Agency Staff

Project Manager, Nashville Position Overview:

First, the Project Manager, Nashville is responsible for keeping our projects on-time and on-budget. Primarily, by managing the schedules of the production department and the overall project schedules. Secondly, the Project Manager is to ensure the agency produces great client work at a profit and grows the relationships over time for the company.  

Overall, the Project Manager leads projects and identifies growth opportunities that benefit the client and the agency.

Additionally, the Project Manager works between the Leadership Team and Production Departments to understand the needs of each project. Then, the project manager assigns the work to the production staff, and keeps an open dialogue with the directors on bottlenecks to the projects.

Our Project Manager is key to the company’s understanding of workloads, capacity, and profitability by spotting trends in productivity and bottlenecks and making recommendations to improve efficiencies.

Furthermore, this is a hands-on position includes the managerial responsibilities of growing and leading a team as well as personal traffic work on both agency and client projects.

This is a client-facing position.

The Agency Work:

Project-Based Clients come to us initially for proposal or package based projects. These projects have a distinct beginning and ending, with specific tasks and processes, and have a range of project budgets. Ideally, nearing the end of the initial project, we pinpoint opportunities for other project work that will be beneficial to both the client and the agency, transitioning the client from a new relationship to an ongoing client.

Retainer-Based Clients have annual agreements including a variety of services such as strategy, branding, graphic design, marketing, social and digital advertising. NBA serves as a strategic partner for many of our retainer-based clients. These are longer-term relationships with opportunities for growth.

Design Work we produce for our clients includes:

  • Branding Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Website Design
  • Social Design
  • Graphic Design

Similarly, the Media Work we produce for our clients includes:

  • Social Management – Organic + Paid
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Other emerging media when it makes sense

Job Responsibilities:

The Project Manager, Nashville schedules and manages the workloads of the Production Department and keeps the Production Department and Directors aware of timelines and workloads. Therefore, our Project Manager will communicate with the Directors and Senior Leadership on bottlenecks to the production process and make recommendations to improve the process.

The Project Manager is responsible for the tactical work of setting up jobs in the project management system, putting together and maintaining timelines and budgets, coordinating with the internal teams and external resources to produce the work and reporting on the progress and success of the client work.

Then, it is the responsibility of the Project Manager to keep our project management system updated regularly, ensuring project details + supporting information is provided to the internal team.

The Project Manager is also responsible for ensuring project deadlines are met through the proper delegation of tasks and facilitation of work and works with clients to facilitate proofs and set up meetings.

The Project Manager is responsible for the following essential functions:

Managing Workloads and Schedules of the Agency

Next, the project manager will work with the Directors to assign projects to the production team and keeps them informed on the status of their client projects, always resolving to problem-solve production bottlenecks while striving to understand the priorities of the agency and our clients. Ensure the work is completed and schedules are manageable.

Lead the Management and Functionality of Project Management System

Understand and fully utilize project management system to manage schedules and profitability on agency and client projects, through accurate and regular reporting revealing workloads, status reports, and profitability.

Manage Communication and Production Meetings

Responsible for the execution and success of daily and weekly production and workload meetings, striving to constantly improve meeting flow and efficiency.

Nurture Key Relationships + Build Revenue

The Project Manager, Nashville is key to growing and maintaining the agency’s client relationships. Therefore, the Project Manager should know the details of the agency projects under their ownership and should have a high-level pulse on the rest of the agency projects with the ability to get up to speed on client details and needs quickly.

When hired, the Project Manager will be responsible for nurturing relationships based on great work wrapped in exceptional customer service.

Maintain + Improve Internal Operations Systems + Processes

The Project Manager is key to the efficient running of the agency. Together with the CEO, the Project Manager will:

Facilitate Onboarding + Client Communication

Create onboarding, management, and communication processes that enable the client relationship to grow. These processes should be consistent from one client to the next in order to create predictability and clarity in the agency.

Project Billing

Coordinate billing details on managed projects to ensure accurate project billing.

Report on Client Profitability, Project Status, and Budget

Responsible for the creation of multiple internal reports including, but not limited to, project closeout reports, retainer reports, project status reports, performance and personnel reports, accompanied by insights into each report and the results generated. Additionally, review and analyze performance reports on a weekly basis, and at project completion, to monitor and improve the performance of all jobs. Finally, prepare quarterly reports for strategic account review for retainer-based clients.

Build Morale + Support of the Company Vision, Mission, and Values

Finally, the Project Manager, Nashville is responsible for creating a positive work environment and for ensuring that the attitudes and commitment of the staff are aligned with the vision, mission, and values established by the owners.

What You Have – Education and Skills:

2-3 years of project management experience in an agency setting

A college degree in Public Relations, Communications, Business, Marketing or related field

Additionally, strong writing skills

A high level of success in client communication

Proven ability to successfully manage projects within the creative field

Understanding of branding, graphic design, marketing, strategy, social media, and digital advertising

Experience with WordPress and managing website design + development projects

Proficiency in Google Drive

Finally, an ability to multitask, delegate, meet deadlines under pressure and work independently

Personal Habits + Traits:

A Collaborative Style

First of all, works well as a team with other NBA employees, and with clients.

A High Level of Personal Responsibility

Secondly, comes to work on time, sets and meets goals without prodding, and manages multiple to-dos successfully.

A High Level of Organization

Next, is structured in the way they work, managing details and juggling changing priorities well.


Then, seeks to learn and contribute, sets a high standard for herself.

Ability to Communicate Clearly

Finally, is easily understood by team members and clients. Leaves conversations with an understanding of the next steps.


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