If you had to vote by graphics alone… today’s the day… America will choose. Will the next President of the United States be Mitt or Obama? We’ve heard the words, we’ve seen the commercials and our decisions are made. However, we here at Nice, we wonder if you had to vote based on graphics alone, who would you choose. Would it be Mitt or would it be Obama?

Throughout the campaign, we’ve kept a close eye on the graphic choices of each candidate. We saw Mitt deliver some great photography along with killer taglines. We’ve seen Obama use very vintage graphic elements with modern fonts, which seem to be all the hype right now.

It seemed that each candidate built a brand; however, we saw one candidate stick to his brand and one somewhat fluctuate a bit more. Was Mitt doomed from day one with the choice of Trajan Pro in his logo? Gotham and Nevis seem to be all the rage right now. Did Obama know that?

We’ve been able to see a strong brand from Obama since day one. Obama has seemed to stick with san serif fonts and bold blocks of color. He does have a serif block font thrown in but it still carries forth his modern look. His graphic take is minimal but strong. Many of his supporting pieces have used vintage textures, to give them a distressed and relaxed look. More and more designers today are designing with a heavy influence on a vintage look. Many younger people seem to be drawn to this look. We didn’t seem to see very many traditional looks out of the Obama campaign for 2012.

Mitt has seemed to be all over the map with his graphics. Some were strong and some were not. From the beginning, he started out with black and white images with a color logo placed on them. We saw him use a serif font for most of his promotional items, but then we noticed a shift to san serif fonts, along with some new vintage elements that snuck in, all having a heavy tendency that leaned towards the look of Obama’s campaign. From the beginning we saw some traditional graphics from Mitt, which would most likely draw in a more traditional crowd; however, we wonder if Mitt was smart to mix in some more modern graphics to draw in the younger and more hip crowds.

We are somewhat sad to say, with our ears closed and our morals ignored, we would vote for Obama. In our eyes, his graphics seem to kill Mitt’s.

So today we ask, based on graphics alone, who would you vote for?

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