Restaurant Branding for Fred’s Market Restaurant

Fred’s Southern Kitchen approached Nice Branding Agency with the desire to open a new location that was geared towards a younger demographic. Their main objective was to create an environment that was warm and welcoming. They wanted a new brand that highlighted their fresh ingredients and farm grown tastes. In addition to capturing the freshness of their dishes, the owners of Fred’s expressed a high value on the history and traditions they had built their restaurants upon. To get the client moving in the right direction, Nice presented Fred’s with brand boards to determine which look would fit best with their objectives. After the selection process was complete, Nice had a clear direction from the client on which way to steer the brand. From here, Nice spent multiple hours brainstorming, working to uncover the true meaning of the all new Fred’s Market Restaurant. Over several Red Bulls and countless scribbled notes, Nice was able to create a mission statement that truly summed up what freds stood for. It was here that the slogan “farm-to-plate freshness” was born. Nice then developed a logo, business cards, menus, website, and other various materials that together, created a new brand image for Fred’s. Nice was able to put a branded touch on various decor items throughout the restaurant’s interior and exterior, creating an atmosphere that led to an unforgettable experience. Due to the fact that the history of Fred’s was so important, Nice took the story of Fred’s and translated it into a storyboard graphic that became one of the focal points in the restaurant. Our team developed various sayings and words that were translated to wall art, table tops, and server shirts to bring a fresh vibe to the overall dining experience.