Now Hiring | Administrative Assistant

Job Goal:

The Administrative Assistant contributes to the success of the agency by ensuring that the office operates smoothly, and that the leadership team members have the resources they need to work efficiently. They must be willing to do what is requested, while also working to anticipate and fulfill needs of the leadership team and project manager. They are responsible for the organization and coordination of office operations, assistance of project management, and assistance of social media accounts.


The Agency Work:

The Agency has two types of Clients:

  1. Project-Based Clients come to us initially for proposal or package based projects. These projects have a distinct beginning and ending, with specific tasks and processes, and have a range of project budgets. Nearing the end of the initial project, we pinpoint opportunities for other project work that will be beneficial to both the client and the agency, transitioning the client from a new relationship to an ongoing client.
  2. Retainer-Based Clients have annual agreements including a variety of services such as strategy, branding, graphic design, marketing, social, and digital advertising. NBA serves as a strategic partner for many of our retainer-based clients. These are longer term relationships with opportunities for growth. 

The Design Work we produce for our clients includes:

  • Business Branding
  • Restaurant Branding
  • Brand Support

The Media Work we produce for our clients includes:

  • Social Management – Organic + Paid
  • Blogging / Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Other emerging media when it makes sense


Job Tasks + Responsibilities:

Executive Assistant Tasks:

  • Coordinate and Perform Client Deliveries
  • Ship out orders received from the website 
  • Hospitality- Incoming packages / Incoming Guests / Coffee 
  • Manage Incoming Guests + Clients
  • Schedule Potential Client Calls and Meetings
  • Assist Management Team As Requested including but not limited to Amy’s personal and professional schedule

Organization and Cleanliness: You will be responsible for keeping the office clean and organized at all times. It will be your responsibility to open and break down all incoming boxes, organize all promo materials, samples, printed materials, and office supplies. You should encourage others to keep their desks clean and organized, and you will need to tidy the office as needed. 

Project Management Assistance: Support the Project Manager with input of account information including: Tasks, blog information, file organization, schedule adjustments, client communication, freelance coordination, and internal reporting

Social Media: Assistance with: Project Management / Monitoring / Reporting / Scheduling Posts

Social Advertising: Assistance with: Project Management / Monitoring / Reporting / Placement & Scheduling

Reporting: Create / Pull Client Reports in a Support Role / Perform Reporting for Misc Agency Reports 

Blogging: Assistance with: Project Management / Design Coordination / Input + Scheduling / Freelance Coordination / Reporting

MailChimp: Assistance with: Project Management / Design Coordination / Input + Scheduling / Reporting


Personal Habits + Traits:

A Collaborative Style: Works well as a team with other NBA employees and with clients.

A High Level of Personal Responsibility: Comes to work on time, sets, and meets goals without prodding, and manages multiple to dos successfully. 

A High Level of Organization: Is structured in the way they work, managing details and juggling changing priorities well.

Self-Motivated: Seeks to learn and contribute, sets a high standard for herself.

Ability to Communicate Clearly: Is easily understood by team members and clients. Leaves conversations with an understanding of next steps. 

Constant Knowledge of the Latest Social Trends: Has a pulse on the latest social trends and is an active user in her own life . Think critically about how to use it professionally. 


We Are (and you must be too):

Nimble: Our methodology is quick, creative, and strategic. We maneuver change gracefully, while maintaining the integrity of our processes and our work.

Creative: We are unbound by the status quo and are always seeking to utilize imaginative and original ideas to solve the problems our clients encounter. 

Bold: We are confident and courageous in our approach, which empowers us to create distinctive designs that are impossible to ignore. 

Nice: We strive for niceness in every encounter with our teammates, our clients, and our community. 

Humans: Our day to day decisions are guided by policies and procedures, but when push comes to shove, we choose people over policies.


To apply, send your resume to and tell us why you would be great for this role.