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Job Goal:

The Account Director strategically leads agency accounts and identifies growth opportunities that benefit the client and the agency. The Account Director must understand complex business and marketing challenges in order to guide and direct the client to reach their goals and marketing objectives.

The Account Director contributes to the growth and profitability of the agency by managing a team that produces great client work at a profit and grows the client relationships over time for the company. This person is the primary point of contact to the client, and directs and supports the production team from a strategic perspective with regards to the client relationship and project. 

This Account Director is responsible for aligning the goals of account service with the overall goals of the company.


The Agency Work:

The Agency has two types of Clients:

Project-Based Clients come to us initially for proposal or package based projects. These projects have a distinct beginning and ending, with specific tasks and processes, and have a range of project budgets. Nearing the end of the initial project, we pinpoint opportunities for other project work that will be beneficial to both the client and the agency, transitioning the client from a new relationship to an ongoing client.

Retainer-Based Clients have annual agreements including a variety of services such as strategy, branding, graphic design, marketing, social and digital advertising. Nice Branding Agency serves as a strategic partner for many of our retainer-based clients. These are longer term relationships with opportunities for growth.  

The Design Work we produce for our clients includes:

  • Business Branding
  • Restaurant Branding
  • Brand Support

The Media Work we produce for our clients includes:

  • Social Management – Organic + Paid
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Other emerging media when it makes sense


Account Director Job Responsibilities:

Grow and Mentor The Account/Production Team

The Account Director is responsible for growing the account and production team to ensure that clients + projects are managed efficiently and that relationships are nurtured to create ongoing opportunities to grow the business.

Nurture Key Relationships + Build Revenue

The Account Director is key to growing and maintaining the agency’s key relationships. This person serves as the most senior contact person on the team regarding projects. 

The Account Director should have both a macro and micro view on projects and accounts. This person should know the details of the top 5 clients and should have a high-level pulse on the rest of the clients with the ability to get up to speed on client details and needs quickly. 

The Account Director is responsible for building revenue within the agency, whether recurring or project-based.

Lead Client Strategy Work + Contribute to Agency Strategy

The Account Director is key to the strategy work for our clients. This person is responsible for setting a vision for how the account or project should run, and is measured on their ability to proactively develop and deploy the processes, resources, and tools needed to reach a successful outcome.

The Account Director oversees day-to-day details of ongoing projects and ensures quality control of creative work.

Depending on the client, the Account Director may be the lead strategist or may play a supporting strategy role on client business.  As the leader most in touch with the client’s needs, the Account Director will help shape agency strategy as well.

Build Morale + Support of the Company Vision, Mission, and Values

As the leader of the account and production team, the Account Director is responsible for contributing to a positive work environment and for ensuring that the attitudes and commitment of the staff are aligned with the vision, mission, and values established by the owners.

Create Client-Focused Systems + Processes

The Account Director will create and refine systems and processes for the company to enable effective and efficient work.

Client Onboarding, Strategy, and Growth

Working with the Account and Production Team, the Account Director is responsible for onboarding, management, communication, and reporting processes that enable the client relationship to grow. These processes should be consistent from one client to the next in order to create predictability and clarity in the agency.

Create Internal Operations Systems + Processes

The Account Director is key to the efficiency of the agency. Together with the Accounting and Production team, the Account Director will:

Project Billing

Coordinate billing details on managed projects to ensure accurate project billing.


Review and analyze performance reports to monitor and improve performance of all jobs.


What You Have:

  • 5+ years of account management experience in an agency setting with demonstrated leadership in growing accounts 
  • A college degree in Public Relations, Communications, Business, Marketing, or related field
  • Ability to manage client expectations surrounding budgets, schedule, and project scopes; while building strong agency relationships and identifying opportunities for revenue growth 
  • Strategic acumen with regard to marketing and business objectives; with the ability to develop brand and campaign strategies to meet goals; monitor the ongoing alignment of a plan to completion
  • Proven ability to successfully manage relationships and projects within the creative field 
  • Ability to resolve problems associated with projects or personnel to ensure client satisfaction
  • Understanding of branding, graphic design, marketing, strategy, social media, and digital advertising
  • Experience with WordPress and managing website design + development projects
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Drive


Personal Attributes + Work Style:


Can identify a good prospect, understand their needs, and quickly get to the right solution for them.  Knows when a prospect is not a fit and is not afraid to step away.


Can quickly understand the client’s need and how the agency can help them reach their goals.


Can sense satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the client and the agency team.


Communications quickly, clearly and honestly

Industry Knowledge

Understands the work of the agency and how it can benefit the clients.


Is motivated by agency goals and the necessity of meeting them.


We Are:


Our methodology is quick, creative, and strategic. We maneuver change gracefully, while maintaining the integrity of our processes and our work.


We are unbound by the status quo and are always seeking to utilize imaginative and original ideas to solve the problems our clients encounter.


We are confident and courageous in our approach, which empowers us to create distinctive designs that are impossible to ignore.


We strive for niceness in every encounter with our teammates, our clients, and our community.


Our day to day decisions are guided by policies and procedures, but when push comes to shove, we choose people over policies.


Apply Now:

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to jobs@nice-branding.com.