Our Interior Design Work for North Alabama Medical Center

Hospital branding interior design is a passion of ours. A hospital space has the potential to reach an entire community. And being able to convey the compassion and care of the hospital staff and medical providers is a big honor.

As a part of the former RCCH HealthCare organization, North Alabama Medical Center has been a client of Nice Branding Agency, through RCCH, for a few years. However, the hospital embarked on the journey to build a brand-new facility atop the highest hill in Florence, Alabama. Hospital leaders requested that Nice Branding Agency handle the launch marketing and environmental graphics.

The goal of the launch marketing project was to educate and engage the community regarding the new facility and the benefits it would bring to the community. The purpose was also to unite the communities on either side of a bridge that divided the area. The hospital was to be for everyone. Not just one demographic or geographic section of the community.

As the launch was underway, the hospital was being constructed. The project was led by Layton Construction, and the structure was immaculate and beautiful. Hospital leaders wanted to provide a space that would be associated with community and healing. And the building had subtle nods to the uniting of the two sections of Florence that were custom-built into the space.

Hospital Branding Interior Design

Our job was to work on the hospital branding interior design by creating environmental graphics that could tell the story of compassion and care.

Hospital Branding Interior Design Discovery

We started with a discovery session and walk-through that allowed us to pinpoint the spaces within the hospital that would have the highest impact on patients and guests.

hospital branding

The budget for install was limited, so we needed to determine our priorities for communication upfront.

The main lobby area was prime real estate, and we wanted to use the area to convey to the community what they could expect from North Alabama Medical Center. Similarly, the cafeteria would be encountered by many guests, so messaging there would be key.

We toured each floor and determined the target and messaging for each area, as well as the locations available for graphic installs.

The elevator areas were a key opportunity to reach guests, and we wanted to use this space to reassure people that they were safe in the care of NAMC.

We utilized the floorplan to pinpoint each and every opportunity for a graphic install, and we prepared concepts and samples for the NAMC team to review. When the plan was approved, we moved forward to design.


One of the primary methods for communicating the integrity of the hospital, and the quality of care, was to utilize patient and family testimonials. We identified locations throughout the hospital that would be frequented by nervous family members. Throughout those spaces, we splashed big, bold statements of care from patients across the walls. To build a layer of trust, we wanted the patients themselves to be able to reassure others.

hospital branding


In order to further legitimize the claims made in the testimonials, our team incorporated graphics that touted the achievements and accomplishments of the hospital. We wanted people to know that NAMC is nationally and locally recognized in key areas of care. This messaging would provide patients and families with the peace of mind that comes with being in capable hands.


Additionally, we engaged the caregivers and staff in a campaign around #IMFORBETTER. This was something that was initiated during the launch marketing for the hospital. The goal was to announce that this building was simply better. Better for the team, better for the community, and better for patients individually.

We activated employees around a social media campaign that used the hashtag, #IMFORBETTER.

The campaign carried all the way through the opening of the hospital with a wall installation showcasing the hashtag. The graphic was then signed by all of the hospital staff in a pledge to patients that they would stand for better care.

Production and Install

When the design of all graphics was complete, our team worked with a local printer and installer to finish the project. We directed the install and then inspected the graphics to ensure that all was as intended. We worked through the remediation of issues with the install quickly and efficiently in order to prepare the hospital for its grand opening on December 6.

hospital branding

Our passion for interior branding is no secret. However, we really hold hospital branding interior design close to our hearts. The impact that’s made by a community hospital is really something that’s unmatched by any other entity. And being able to be a part of something so impactful is an honor.